studio diaa : design, interiors, architecture, + atmosphere

Studio Diaa designs atmospheres where integrated architecture, interiors and custom objects merge to create holistic environments. We craft spaces with a distinctive tactile quality, artfully combining light, sound and materials. Our architecture and interior designs engage the senses, paying close attention to the nuances that shape experience.

We strive for site-specific designs that offer a heightened awareness of place, informed by an attentiveness to the surrounding environment and needs of the inhabitants. Working in close collaboration with clients, craftspeople, artisans, consultants and builders, we cultivate a shared experience of design. We believe in revealing the inherent beauty of materials and capturing natural qualities of the environment: light, wind, water and land. Atmosphere is about finding beauty in subtlety. We create intimate and thoughtful buildings, spaces and objects that aspire to move the human spirit.

Examples of Projects

  • Raft Island Residence - construction to begin 2020
  • Portage Bay Floating Home - construction completion 2020
  • Madrona Courtyard Residence - completed 2018 - interior design, furnishings + collaboration of select lighting and finishes by studio diaa, architecture completed while in the employ of mw works.
  • Ocean Residence - interior design furnishings by studio diaa, completed while in the employ of mw works (conceptual and schematic design phases for interior architecture)
  • Portage Bay Residence- architecture and interiors by studio diaa

Established: 2019



1143 NW 45th street Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: 206-788-8838