Gary Gladwish Architecture

Recognizing that architecture requires a delicate balance, I work with my clients and partners to create design which is subtle, resourceful and responsible to the environment, culture and client. Creating an architecture without pretense in form and detail, and one which involves continual discovery.

Gary Gladwish Architecture provides a wide range of services for an array of project types. With degrees in fine art and architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design and experience in construction, real estate development and architecture he has developed a sense of practical aesthetics which result in projects which are elegant in their simplicity.

Examples of Projects

  • Eagle Ridge 2013 AIA Housing Award, 2011 AIA Merit Award
  • Parkview Plaza
  • 4ones Lofts
  • House Boat
  • Somerset
  • Whidbey House
  • Banner Loft

Established: 1997


Gary Gladwish Architecture

2806 1st Ave W Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206-552-9114