FINNE Architects

Raised in the United States and Norway, Nils Finne established FINNE Architects in Seattle in 1994, bringing a Scandinavian understanding of craft and landscape to the Pacific Northwest. Dedicated to the idea of Crafted Modernism, Nils typically designs custom lighting, furniture, cabinets and hardware for every project. FINNE has produced more than 80 pieces of custom furniture and lighting, which are also sold as stand-alone items. At FINNE Architects in Seattle, we have been practicing sustainable design for over fifteen years. We are members of the Cascadia Green Building Council and we are LEED certified. We design every project to conserve resources by using passive heating and cooling, to maximize the use of natural light, and to employ sustainable building materials. Current work also includes active systems such as photovoltaic panels and ground-source heat exchangers.

Examples of Projects

  • Deschutes House, Bend, Oregon
  • Elliott Bay House, Seattle, WA
  • Mazama House, Mazama, WA
  • Venice House, Venice, CA
  • Port Ludlow House, Port Ludlow, WA
  • Lake Forest Park Renovation, Lake Forest Park, WA

Established: 1990


FINNE Architects

Suite 300, 3800 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 467-2880