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John Eggleston & Allan Farkas formed Eggleston Farkas Architects as a collaborative practice in 1999. Honored by numerous awards and publications, our work has been called “sleek, aesthetic, and highly livable – contemporary designs that remain sensitive to the Northwest.” The projects that we choose to work on are those that lend themselves to personal attention from conception to completion. The integrity and consistency of each project is strengthened by our active involvement in landscape and interior design as complements to the architecture.

The design team at Eggleston Farkas Architects starts each project by documenting the factors that influence a building’s design. Broadly speaking, these factors are the client’s program and budget, building site, construction practices, and building regulations. The heart of the early design process is generating a strong concept that addresses all the factors while highlighting the most important ones. By generating a strong concept, the design team creates a critical framework for the entire project.

While each project is a unique response to its site and the owner’s aspirations, clarity and an economy of means are principles that inform every design. The work is elemental, not ornamental. It is simple, not in the stylistic sense that “less is more,” but rather that nothing has become superfluous and that details have not emerged in conflict with the central design intent.

This attention to concept and detail, aspirations and budget, imagination and realities, allows Eggleston Farkas Architects to create work that the AIA Honor Awards jury has called “rigorously legible, a modest and elegant expression in an exciting but calm and disciplined new voice.”

Examples of Projects

  • Belltown Dental: Project of the Month, Seattle AIA and DJC
  • Brooks Dental Studio: Merit Award, AIASWW
  • Hensel/Jennings Residence: SH&L Home of the Year
  • Mathieson Residence: Honor Awards, AIA Seattle and AIA Pacific NW Region
  • Meadow Creek House: Merit Awards, AIA Seattle and AIA Pacific NW Region
  • Methow Cabin: AIA Seattle Citation and AIA Pacific NW Region Honor Award
  • Nighthawk Retreat: Honorable Mention, CRSI 2010 Design Awards
  • Seola Beach House: SH&L Home of the Year

Established: 1999


Eggleston|Farkas Architects

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