bjarko|serra architects

Our practice values modern architecture that is approachable, well-crafted, site specific, and sustainable.

We pursue design that:

  • honors utility and restraint without loss of spirit or craft,
  • fuses building and site to form a complementary whole,
  • enhances the connection to nature through use of views, light, and material,
  • encourages the well being of our environment through sensitive design choices.

We believe that the process of design should be creative and enjoyable. Although, we as the architect guide this process, it is interactive—involving both us listening to the client and understanding the site and the client learning about design and construction. We are flexible and experienced in our ability to respond to each project’s unique demands and to guide each design to an appropriate and successful outcome.

Thank you for considering our firm, we welcome your questions and comments.

Examples of Projects

  • Sunset Hill Residence
  • Hat Island Residence
  • Dabob Bay Residence
  • Locke Residence
  • First Christian Reformed Church
  • 42nd Street Condos
  • Brouwer's Cafe
  • Portage Bay Cafe
  • Zum Fitness Club
  • Lake Forest Park Residence

Established: 1992


bjarko|serra architects

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