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Session 2: AIA + 2030: Getting to 60: The power of targets & load reduction

This class is part of AIA+2030, a ten-session Professional Series to help design professionals create buildings that meet the energy efficiency goals of the 2030 Challenge. Learn more and Register for the series.

Session II: Getting to 60: the power of targets + load reduction
The goal of the 2030 Challenge is to create buildings that are designed to meet a fossil fuel, greenhouse gas emitting, energy performance standard of 60% less than the regional (or national) average for that building type now, with the standard incrementally increasing 10% in efficiency every five years until 2030, when the goal of zero emissions is met. One of the more compelling aspects of dramatic energy reductions is the mounting evidence that if done well, such ambitious goals can actually be done with no added costs. This session will explore the use of EPA’s Target Finder (ENERGY STAR) as a design target and reference tool, and metrics critical to the target setting exercise, such as Energy Use Intensity (EUI). The session will include multiple examples of projects that have achieved exemplary energy performance by setting and pursuing energy targets, offer tested approaches for incorporating targets into the design process, and explore how providing targeting and EUI information can be a value-added service for a design firm.

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to:
- Describe the energy/carbon objectives of the 2030 Challenge.
- Use the Energy Star Target Finder tool to set an Energy Use Intensity target for a project.
- Summarize the concept of Energy Use Intensity and describe why it is an important tool for setting energy targets for a project.

Speakers include:
Jared Silliker,
Principal, Silliker + Partners
Tom Marseille, Managing Director; WESP Flack + Kurtz
Alicia Daniels-Uhlig, Director of Sustainability, Principal, GGLO
Wendy Pautz, Partner, LMN Architects
Robert B. Peña, Moderator, Associate Professor, University of Washington

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