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2013 Explore Design Home Tour

Walk into a home, large or small, and you can feel the impact of thoughtful, intentional design. Balance. Functionality. Composition. Beauty. By weaving these elements together with their client's values, architects connect great design to our everyday lives. The Seattle chapter of the American Institute of Architects has carefully selected seven local homes for outstanding architectural response to urban conditions, client needs, and the environment.

AIA Seattle invites you to experience how great design can inspire our everyday lives through the first-ever Explore Design Home Tour on Saturday, September 14. Architects will share their design story as you explore inspired homes throughout Seattle.

The Explore Design Home Tour is a component of the annual Seattle Design Festival, the area's largest interdisciplinary design event, happening September 13-22, 2013. This year's Festival theme - Design in Health - will explore the connection between environmental design and our physical, mental and social well-being.


 September 14, 2013
 10am - 4pm

   david neiman architects  
   seattle design festival  

Beacon Green Courtyard Townhomes

David Neiman Architects

  Explore Design is a component of the 2013 Seattle Design Festival, which will explore the theme Design in Health.   The next generation of townhome design in Beacon Hill promotes community and open space  
   b9 architects    mohler ghillino  
  Family Share   FlipFlop House(s)  
  b9 architects   Mohler + Ghillino Architects  
  A healthy & flexible environment for a family with a live-in relative
in Greenwood
  A never-before used approach for adding density to a single-family lot in Tangletown  
   johnston architects    suyama peterson deguchi  
  Greenfire Campus   Leschi Residence  
  Johnston Architects   Suyama Peterson Deguchi  
  Ballards's innovative "anti" apartments, part of an urban ecosystem including retail, office space, and gardens    A beautiful lakefront remodel
in Leschi, guided by simplicity and attention to detail
   nk architects    coop15 architecture  
  Park Passive   Sunrise Vista  
  NK Architects   Coop15  
  Seattle's first certified Passive House in Madison Park slashes energy consumption by 90%   Re-imagining the traditional home through a breathtaking remodel in Sand Point  
























     Special thanks to our media partner Seattle magazine. Watch for a special feature of the 2013 Explore Design Home Tour in the September issue of Seattle magazine & Northwest Home. 



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